Most popular baby names of 2023

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Hundreds of thousands of parents registered their babies’ names with BabyCenter this year, and the results are in: For the first time in five years, there’s a new top baby boy name, with Noah overtaking Liam for the number one spot. Liam is still in second place, though, and Oliver stayed in third place, the same ranking it held in 2022. This year’s top three baby girl names are a repeat of last year’s, with Olivia, Emma, and Amelia hanging on to spots one, two, and three. 

The top 10 list for boys did see some exciting new additions, though: For boys, Ezra (No. 9) and Luca (No. 10) took the reins from Asher (now No. 11) and James (now No. 12). Ezra’s upward trajectory is especially noteworthy, since it moved from No. 12 last year to No. 9, and it’s now in the top 10 for the first time ever.

For girls, Charlotte climbed the most among the top 10 names, from No. 9 last year to No. 5 this year. Girl names starting with “M” are also rising in popularity: BabyCenter saw spikes in registrations for the names Miley (up 501 spots), Mckinley (up 242 spots), Mavis and Milan (each up 228 spots), and Mallory (up 217 spots). Girl names ending in the letter "a" are also winning with parents: Nine out of the top 10 girl names end in "a," including Sophia (No. 4), Isabella (No. 7), Luna (No. 9), and Mia (No. 8). 

When it comes to boy names, half of the top 10 boys’ names start with “L”: Liam, Lucas, Levi, Leo, and Luca are all up there. And the "in" sound is, well, in for boys, with names like Benjamin, Lincoln, and Austin all in the top 100, and many more in the top 500. 

Keep reading for the 100 most popular baby names. And for more ideas, check out the hottest baby name trends of 2023 and the Baby Names group in the BabyCenter Community.

Top baby names of 2023

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